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Hey hey!

If you have stumbled upon our page, welcome to the best website for all things Energy Healing. We work with crystals every day and we want nothing more than to share that experience with others so they can live their most radiant lives too.

This isn't just another dropshipping site. This is where we dive deep into life's journey with everything surrounding energies: healing rituals both simple (like meditation) or complex such as Reiki sessions, and even how energy works through matter itself.

My name is Ana Kat and this is my shop.

Someone once said to me “You built a place that your four-year-old self needed.” That was the perfect explanation. The online world can’t quite capture the vibe inside the shop but it is something magical. Walking inside brings a sense of calm and you are immediately allowed to be exactly YOU, exactly as you are. We hope to deliver the same feel to your home!!!

The online world isn’t quite capturing this feeling of calmness. When walking inside our store you can feel the calm energy as it captures everything! There aren’t any distractions, everyone has their attention focused on one thing (whatever they may choose), and nothing feels forced or awkward.

The store feels like a safe haven. You can be exactly who you want to be and it will always feel good because we are here with our unique products and undeniable energy! Walking inside brings me great peace, calmness & happiness as I know that this place offers something no other does—a sense of belonging.

ROCK - We carry and sell all the beautiful Minerals and Crystals Mother Nature created. Ethically sourced with a dose of Education.

BODY- I move and study Energy to provide people with diverse tools for Self Care and Connection. Reiki, Energy Movement, Athletic Recovery, Infrared Sauna, Coaching, and meditation are a few of the perks.

The mission of this organization is to broaden the view on Energy Work and lessen that negative stigma. It’s unfortunate how often people are afraid or skeptical when they hear “energy healer," even though scientific research has shown just how beneficial these treatments can be for all kinds of things. I'm an advocate of education because if you're going anywhere near one with your life then there should be at least some kind understanding before anything happens. I am highly intuitive and this greatly assists me in my work.

Every single day there is a session where I end up saying:

“You can’t make this stuff up!”

Modalities reach far and wide and there is one for everyone. I work with all walks of life, including athletes and individuals who have undergone an injury or disability to their bodies that limited them in some way. My experiences give me great insight into what it takes on both ends: mental preparation as well physical rehabilitation so we can help put your mind back together again!

My experience started young when my Dad became paralyzed due to an illness and through hard work was able to bring his life back together through mental and physical union. I know that it takes time, patience and trust for the healing process, but you are worth every second!

The journey of life can be tough, but it's also full of opportunity. I am here for you all the way through your ups-and downs! Sessions are a great place to start when looking into self discovery or if you just need help managing stress, anxiety and everyday challenges. I will guide you through an experience where you learn more about yourself by accessing hidden talents & strengths while getting back control over your life so that nothing stops you from living authentically.

Sessions can be the perfect outlet for moving through grief, challenging bad habits and getting some much needed rest. Sessions offer an escape from 9-5 life where one might find themselves feeling stuck and/or unhappy. Sessions also help ease the symptoms of depression or trauma. There is a wide range of symptoms that a Reiki or Energy Healing Session can help alleviate. Let us know what you are dealing with and we will let you know how we can help!

It really is all about you. Energy meets us in whatever situation we might be facing. This isn’t one and done. It is a lifetime of work and the opportunity to better ourselves.

I hope we can meet soon! Whether in session, online, or in the shop. Drop a "Hello!" while you are here.


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