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The growth of health and wellness has welcomed non-traditional ways to find physical, psychological, and spiritual balance. The ever-growing demands of this accelerating world leave most people stressed and struggling health-wise. Yet companies like the Rock and Body Shop  help restore body, mind, and spirit. 

The company comes through the passion and work of entrepreneur and Reiki master Ana Kat. Fondly known as the “Hidden Gypsy,” her life’s work provides people with alternative options to achieving health and wellness that use traditional principles. Ana is gentle, kind, and intuitive. Yet she brings strength to others through her expertise and ecommerce business. 

The Rock and Body Shop is any searching soul’s all-inclusive energy wellness shop for alternative wellness products. The online store offers various healing crystals, CBD products, clearing elements, candles, food supplements, books, and other body care products. The shop finds pride in carrying sustainable and ethically sourced goods. Rock and Body’s vendors are active participants in wilderness preservation and other charitable causes. READ MORE


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic was announced, people have been restless, waiting and searching for the next medical update to address the crisis. One of the possible solutions that they have stumbled upon is Energy Wellness, a personal enhancement tool right up Ana Kat’s alley.
Ana Kat is the proud owner and CEO of the Rock and Body Shop, a center created with Energy Wellness in mind. With the pandemic raging outdoors, more and more people have begun to turn to Energy Wellness to improve their health and raise their body’s resistance against the virus. Through the Rock and Body Shop, Ana Kat ensures that these people achieve the wellness and state of mind they deserve. 
The concept of Energy Wellness might come across as confusing, especially to those who are only learning about it now. The idea is often thought of as taboo, and its interpretations continue to evolve from Eastern to Western culture. READ MORE

Every year, every woman of the past, present, and future is celebrated during Women’s Month. This annual event not only hopes to recognize any progress made in terms of gender equality and emphasize the strides that society, as a whole, needs to take in order to address the issue of inequality but also highlights the contributions of those who are choosing to challenge the status quo. Through her work at the helm of Rock and Body Shop, Ana Kat demonstrates that women from all walks of life are forces to be reckoned with.

Rock and Body Shop is an energy wellness store based in De Pere, Wisconsin. Since its establishment, it has managed to build relationships and share experiences with people across the country and is set to expand its community of like-minded individuals in the coming years. This growing brand was founded by Ana Kat, a purpose-driven personality who once doubted the utility of carving her own path to success. 

“I used to think being different was not a good thing, but I trusted my gut and created a culmination of the imperfectly perfect,” the inspirational go-getter shares. Today, after noticing a divide in traditions and astutely observing a sense of taboo surrounding energy work, she stands behind a business dedicated to creating an all-inclusive safe space. READ MORE