New to Energy Wellness?

Reiki and energy wellness gets a reputation for being taboo. We are among a select few establishments in the Midwest who practice long-held traditional techniques adapted to your modern needs.

Reiki Energy Movement

Reiki is a gentle non invasive powerful hands on technique that restores the natural balance of the body. We intuitively guide each session specific to your needs. Marrying the proper stones, frequencies, and FAR Infrared technology together for a deep energetic shift.

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Athletic Energy Movement

A tailored hands on session to improve Mental and Physical performance. Reduces discomfort from pushing the body. Allows quicker recovery post workout and injury. Boost concentration, mindset, and sleep for optimal balance.

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Space Clearing

Ana and her team travel to your home or business to intuitively connect offering a lighter positive environment. This is ideal if moving in or out of a new home or office space, A overall refresh, or Easing Negative Energy that one is connected to in their space.

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Talk it Out

Continuing guidance post Energy Work. A time to return, ask questions, and receive support. Certified coach without the "coaching." Ideal for the individual working through a difficult time or journeying into a new path. Ana will also collaborate with clients' individual mental health professionals. If so choosing.

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