The Ultimate Crystal Skeptics and Rock Lovers Can Agree On!

The Ultimate Crystal Skeptics and Rock Lovers Can Agree On!

Are you a crystal lover who receives the “Crazy” look when you start talking about stones? Or maybe you are the person giving the look? We support either viewpoint but love talking about this abundant mineral everyone can agree on! Read on for a little woo, science, quartz, and Tesla.

Quartz!! Is very common and belongs to a beautiful family of crystals. Extremely versatile, but often overlooked!  In fact, Quartz is a big part of your everyday life, even if you cannot see it.

Quartz crystals are used in many ways with several goals. From household items to electronics and healing.

Where Does Quartz Come From?

Everywhere! Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on the Earth’s surface, so you can —and probably already have— found it while walking, or perhaps while on the beach. In fact, chances are, the sand you laid on was made of quartz particles. 

Chemically speaking, it’s silicon dioxide. In plain English, it means that every molecule of quartz has a silicon atom attached to two oxygen atoms. Fun, right?

This means quartz is a strong and resistant mineral, and because of this, it has many uses. 

It can help you energetically, physically, and in your day-to-day routine.

Yes, you can bet that you have more quartz around than what you can recognize with the naked eye.

Take a look at your kitchen, for instance. Do you have flat glass plates? If you do, they are probably made with quartz sand. And the device you are using to read this blog post? You guessed it. It has quartz in it, too!

Quartz contains electrical properties and heat resistance, which makes it perfect to create components of the electronic devices you use every day. 

Did you know that Nikola Tesla was a huge fan of crystals?  He is responsible for creating the foundations from which Marconi would create and patent the long radio transmitter with quartz. The only reason why Tesla didn’t patent it himself was because he was actually trying to catch transmissions from outer space.

Tesla knew that quartz not only vibrates but it could also generate and transmit electricity. This is called piezoelectricity, and it’s a very valuable characteristic, especially for electrical engineering. It helps to produce not only electronics, such as your phone or computer, but quite precise time-keeping instruments — Quartz watches don’t get their trademark just because crystals are woo.

Tesla believed that crystals are living beings. He said:

“In a crystal, we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal it is nonetheless a living being”.

Perhaps it was because of their vibration, which he also said vibration is what you need —along with energy and frequency— to understand the universe. Let’s dig a bit more into these concepts. They are key to understanding quartz after all.

Vibration, Energy, and Frequency: Key to Understand Crystals

How did you do in Physics and Chemistry at school? If those weren’t your favorite subjects, don’t worry. 

Everything, even you, is made of these tiny particles called atoms. At the same time, these atoms are made of tinier particles, called protons, neutrons, positrons, and electrons. Electrons and positrons revolve around the nucleus of the atom, where the other particles live. Just like the moon moving around the Earth or the Earth around the Sun. This movement creates a vibration. If that vibration is high enough —if it moves at a faster speed—, it is said to have a higher frequency. If its vibration is slower, then it has a lower frequency.

Whether it's high or low, every vibration translates into energy. Ancient cultures have been known for manipulating this energy as a way to bring healing to those that needed it.  An example of this is Reiki that focuses on the energy of the different chakras to bring balance into your body, mind, and spirit.

Now, since everything is made of atoms then everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Complex living beings such as you, me, and even your fur baby can present variations in these frequencies. And when these frequencies become lower than what they should be,  —both physical, mental, and emotional effects— happen.

Body, Mind, and Emotional Vibration

Your body has its vibration frequency, but so does your mind and your emotions. And you can feel them, too.

Have you ever entered a room and felt the air was dense, tense, and you might be stumbling upon an awkward situation? I bet that you could sense people were arguing or unhappy not long ago. Even if they went silent when you got there. That change in the air is caused by the low vibration of the argument. In the same way, when you get excited and happy, you might feel like you are extra energized. That is because of the higher frequency.

What Does That Have to Do With Quartz?

Everything. As we said before, complex living beings can present alterations in their vibrational frequency. But this doesn’t happen out of the blue.

Your vibration changes because it’s being influenced either by people around you, by the things you consume, or even things surrounding you. So, if you understand how different crystals can influence you then you can make adjustments in your life with them.

You just need to understand what your body needs and wants to choose accordingly. Quartz has the benefit of being an amplifier, so you can combine it with any other crystal to have a bigger effect. 

Why Is Quartz So Beneficial

As mentioned before, quartz is the second most abundant mineral on earth. And it has so many uses that it’s even been created in laboratories. But to help you personally, you should always try to get quartz from a natural source that has been collected in a respectful and conscious way, so you can take advantage of its full power. Here are a few ways…

Boost your Energy

A characteristic of crystals is that you can program them. And quartz specifically is known as an amplifier. So if you set your intention on having energy and focus to do whatever it is in your to-do list, your quartz will help you.

Help Bring Balance Into Your Life

There are times that are just chaotic, and when this affects you in any way, you can start feeling exhausted, have trouble sleeping,feel anxious, and even become sick. Quartz can help you regain balance and take control of your life again. 

Become Savvier From Past Experiences

There’s nothing more frustrating than making the same mistakes over and over again. Or worse, seeing how a traumatic experience is keeping you from living your best life.

Quartz can function as an internal guide to let you move through whatever is holding you back.

Pain, Illness, or Injury

Quartz has been known to accelerate the recovery process for patients with different types of illnesses or diseases. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stop consulting your doctor or abandon a treatment, but quartz can help make things a little easier and faster.

If you can’t tell, we LOVE Quartz here at the Rock and Body Shop. Ana Kat uses this to assist her in Reiki sessions everyday. If you have questions about quartz or using crystals, let us know. Quartz is a sure win for everyone!!



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