The Naysayers - Reflections on Podcast Interview

The Naysayers - Reflections on Podcast Interview

I had a great opportunity to be on The Inquiring Housewife Podcast the other day and wow! 

For starters I am pretty certain I talked in one, large run-on sentence.

Realizing there are a lot of thoughts that run through my head simultaneously… is that a squirrel? A ghost? Did I even answer her question? Lol.

Then I wondered how the host was so even-keeled. She was meant to talk on a podcast for sure. 

I don’t even want to know what I sounded like!! 🙃

She asked a really good question. One so good that I thought about it for days after and here I am writing about it. 

How do I react or deal with the Naysayers?

naysayers knights

I was NOT ready for the question. Especially because I think this was one of my most challenging and difficult years to navigate the feels and I wasn’t ready to admit it. 

I was born different, I truly believe that. When you see things (literally… mmhmm!) in a different light as a little kid and it doesn’t fit into the norm you go into a little shell. I tried so hard to cover up my weirdness.

I wasn't a very good friend, I did horrible in groups, I couldn’t play sports at all! School was HARD. My brain tried but, even tutoring couldn’t help me through. I understood things in a much different way. If you follow my story with my Dad then you get a picture of how life was different in that sense too. 

When I embraced my path I didn’t think any Naysayer would get me down. It took me SO long to get to this place. I can handle the criticism or the occasional off comment… 

Haha. 2020 re tested me and said Are you sure about that???

Let’s find out. 😬

Sure we get the person that pops in the shop, reads a card on the stone and immediately walks out. It happens less now as the crystal world is emerging. 

Pandemic... small businesses collaborating together. Showcasing women. Local news articles. We were overlooked often or denied as we didn’t fit the agenda or “mold” A lot of unfortunate missed opportunities. 

I get it. We are different… There were a lot of people that did support us and because of that we will continue to make a difference. 

Religion… This was tough. This is always a tough subject to navigate. I was denounced in a group for Reiki. That is really ok, I respect the view and never push my work on anyone. It became a little more personal though when I started receiving unknown messages, cryptic social media responses, and what led to actual death threats. Yes, It just got real.

In a time where the world was on a breakdown, I had to step back, take it in and I had to take it seriously. 

There I was… Right back in my shell! I admit. I was scared. I doubted myself. I was embarrassed to talk about it. I wondered why I provoked so much. I kind of always have without meaning to. For being quiet in nature, I sure create a lot of noise at times. Let’s spin this one over in my head a million times.


I learned a lot. I know some days you have to buck up and realize it’s not about you. I can improve though. I needed to improve in a lot of ways. Still do. 

I know facilitating my work we had people break away from suicide, save their marriages, divorce, make it through chemo and radiation, put themselves first, start new jobs, end jobs, celebrated births, grieved losses, celebrated wins, and worked through Life. The Ups and The Downs. ALL OF IT. 

Happy, Sad, Black, White, Dog, Cat. 


I will never stop doing what I do. I’m in it now and forever grateful. Naysayers will always tug at my heartstrings. That's just me. That's just them and That’s just perfectly ok.

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