What’s your favorite color??? 

I always found it interesting that one common question in getting to know a person is always… What's your favorite color? As if that was going to give you the in depth view to their personality. Perhaps it does?! I certainly don’t know for sure but, This goes to show there is something to be said about color theory and why we resonate with it so much. 

"Roy G Biv"

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet 


Black is my favorite “color” (non color) 

“She wears Black but, has the most colorful mind”

Yes, that is the color that makes my heart happy. 🖤🖤 

I am on the side that Black and White are indeed colors. Ask someone what the colors of a Dalmatian are?! 

Before we go down the road of Black is such a depressing color… Let me tell you why I love it. Black is never demanding...

Black is safe for me, When I am around it, I feel a sense of protection or Ease. I don’t think I ever feel the depressed low energy feelings often associated with the color. In the work I do Black allows me to see deeper into each color. When I work on someone, I energetically see their best self. I meditate through each session with my eyes closed and In that darkness, I see light and intense color spectrums. This gives me a good indication of where I need to focus on the body. Energy work can often bring up intense emotions so Black is there to support but also allow a little mixture for all the colors. 

I am a creature of the night. I love the Moon, and the dark starry sky. I am my best self on the Eve. Midnight Reiki sessions are soon to hit the schedule. Yes, that's happening! To lighten things up, Have you ever seen me in session? I can’t wear shoes but, I will certainly be sporting a fun colorful pair of socks. Typically with characters like Snoopy or all the animals in Disney. Socks are my jam and allow a little peek into my childlike soul. 

I am curious to know what your favorite color is?

Do you think your personality matches?!

The Color Black


  • kasey millington

    Love this! Thank you for sharing!

  • Sarah

    I love bright colors but you often see me in black and gray to let the other colors vibrate!!

  • Barbara Steen

    I love the color Aqua! Since as long as I could remember. It feels like a part of my personality!

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