Citrine Crystal... Real or Fake?

Stop being so hard on (fake) Citrine! Please? :)

It isn’t the stones fault that the human hand took some Amethyst one day, heated it up and made a brilliantly beautiful masterpiece out of it. 


I love the “fake” thing. It is bright, cheerful, and can really brighten a day. I also love the Au Naturel. 

You don’t tell an artist they ruined a blank canvas by painting on it.

A lot of the “Citrine” you see today is in fact heat treated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz. These minerals are placed in a kiln and heated to a temperature of approx 400 degrees and up. This gives the stone a vibrant yellow-orange glow and is usually easier to detect.

Natural Citrine is pretty rare and found in very few places. The real deal is still in fact Amethyst or Smoky Quartz. It is just the Earth's mantle that heats it and in due time becomes Citrine. The natural variety has a dull yellowish gray appearance and might be a little trickier to identify.

It’s always fun listening to shoppers talk about “fake” Citrine. 

Some have no idea and just say “The color is SO pretty.” Some scoff, huff, and puff and say “I can’t believe they are selling this. It's not even real.” They usually leave. Some say “This has been touched by man, therefore the metaphysical properties are ruined.” (Insert my famous eye roll)

I would argue we should be concerned about fake Moldavite on the market WAY more than Citrine.

In this case Citrine heated from the Earth or Citrine heated from a kiln still has the SAME chemical formula and doesn’t vary in either process. SiO2 to be exact. REALLY fucking awesome!! 

It is SO similar. 

Can we start being a little nicer to the kiln stone, I think its feelings are hurt.

Energetically speaking they are roughly going to emit the same frequency and at the end of the day it just has to resonate with you. 

Are you taking a Citrine side?

Do you!

Love, Ana Kat

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