Selenite: Rock and Body’s Favorite Crystal

Selenite: Rock and Body's Favorite Crystal

Selenite… Ana Kat’s favorite Crystal.  She calls this her magic wand and feels like everyone needs Selenite in their life.  

What Is It?

Selenite is a hydrous calcium sulfate mineral. It is a form of gypsum, it is also in the close family of Satin Spar and Alabaster. It is a very soft mineral that can be fragile. Selenite can be clear, white, gray, golden brown or the rare form of green. Selenite is found in many countries including the United States and the most popular location coming from Mexico. It is a beautiful mineral.

Why do we use it on the body?  

Selenite carries a high vibration. Therefore when placed near the body you can actually feel a little pull. When we have that “stuck” feeling this is the perfect mineral to use. Here comes the magic wand part… Start at the top of your head, holding the Selenite approximately 4 inches from your body. Slowly work the mineral down your body. Repeating a few times, making sure to wave it down your arms and bottoms of the feet. While you do this I want you to visualize your anxiety, tension, pain, and thoughts being broken up and dissolved. Do this whenever you feel you need. There is no right or wrong.

Yes… You will look a little goofy doing this… All the better!  

Why do we use Selenite in the spaces we occupy?

Just like our bodies the spaces and objects around us can hold onto energy. When you walk into a room and feel a certain “heaviness” this is stagnant energy. By simply placing the mineral in your space it will work with its vibration to clear the area. I like to give my clients 4 pieces of Selenite and ask them to place one piece in the outer 4 corners of their home, business, or even in a room they occupy. This creates a protection around the space and allows for a positive energy flow. If you don’t have four pieces, its ok. One will do!  

Other tips and uses 

Selenite does not like water, You may wipe it clean on occasion but, never soak in water or it can dissolve.  It can be used to charge and clear other crystals.  Place a Selenite wand along one's back to help align the chakras.

Ana Kat - Rock and Body Shop

- Thanks for reading! Ana Kat

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