Moldavite - Friend or Faux?!

Moldavite - Friend or Faux?!

Sorry friends but, this stone is RARE!

This is truly one of the rarest stones on Earth. Faux it is not but, the chances of you getting your hands on a piece of genuine Moldavite is becoming harder and harder.

The sneaky counterfeits are surprisingly really tough to spot. I know quite a few REAL-deal dealers, the best of the best, gem masterminds, rock shop owners, and they ALL got played. It is just something we are having to admit.

moldavite - fake or real

I have a feeling with the trends rising in the crystal world, we are going to see more and more specimens being touted for the real thing… 

NO! I don’t have moldavite in the shop. Haha. Stop Asking! I kid I kid. I smile and laugh a little every time I hear it...We hear it a lot!

Almost everyday. 😱😱

If I did have it, it would be hoarded by me and your pocketbook should be ready. I really just want to be as up front as I can about this stone. 

Green Glass... That’s what a lot of you are getting. Fancy Schmancy green glass that will not make you transcend on an out of this world journey…

Sorry ...there are even molds being created from genuine Moldavite to make it more authentic looking. 

Moldavite looks a lot like Moss with beautiful green colors, bubbles, inclusions, and a somewhat translucent appearance. Approximately 15 million years ago spread across 4 fields of the Czech Republic this form of tektite was discovered.

A meteorite crashed with more power than an atomic explosion. The intense heat created a melted material and from the impact formed together with the Earth. Some say it was a gift delivered from Outer Space. 

The vibration from this stone can be intense. Especially if you are new to picking up on subtle energy. This stone can generate an immediate tingling sensation and has even caused such a buzz they describe it as “The Moldavite Flush” as it gives off an Intense heat.

Transformation is sure to happen as this tektite aligns directly with the heart chakra. You are going to feel all the emotions light and dark. I joke and say this stone needs to come with a warning label.. 

There are many who come into the shop showing me pieces of Moldavite. They talk about intense experiences and how their life has shifted and changed in dramatic ways. Yes, a few of these lucky people have authentic Moldavite. 

Most though...Fake, and after hearing the life altering transformations I don’t have the heart to tell them. Which leads me to wonder, Where does the true power come from? Is it really You? Why do we think we need something so powerful to make a change. The placebo may have given subtle shifts in energy but, just like in any Reiki session or other crystal energy. You are the Key.

Real or Fake Moldavite Quick Guide: 

  • Glassy Wet looking appearance? Likely Fake 
  • Bubble formations within that are not perfectly round? Likely Real
  • A seller that has several shapes looking the same? Likely Fake
  • Price is really low? Likely Fake
  • A lot of texture and several inclusions? Likely Real
  • A certified certificate coming from Thailand? Likely Fake

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