Manifest without a Vision Board

Manifest without a Vision Board

I am ditching the Vision Board this year!

That's right. I am not holding a workshop. I won’t be attending the women's night out with wine, magazines, scissors, and group camaraderie. Judge me for having a slight eye roll with these things anyway. (Damn that eye roll)

I don’t hate vision boards. They serve a great purpose to expand our vision and work towards our dreams.

I am usually the girl who buys a big piece of cardboard every year. Sits on the floor with a pile of magazines and searches for the best quotes, houses, happy people, and award winning ventures. This is usually after I shame myself for needing to do this.

My last vision board… 

It had a lot of good things on it. I also walked by it often and said:

Fuck You Vision Board. :)

Isn’t that great. Look how perfect everything is. That massive pile of money on it... Isn't here today...Look at you failing. That award… That was given to the person down the street. Who were you kidding! Thinking that could happen for you?! Half the shit on there, I didn't even want. I had a lot of images I felt I needed to uphold for being accepted… If I had or achieved a lot of these things then somehow life would be better?

I took the damn board and shoved it behind a closet door so I wouldn't have to look at it everyday.  Thinking that if I threw it away I would for sure sabotage all these perfect images and not allow them in my life. So, behind the closet door it sat. 

A lot of the days, I completely lost the vision for what I wanted and the expectations I put on myself were not OK. I felt I failed.  Except, I didn’t fail. Not even close. Opposite of Fail. Life just happened. Unexpected Twists and Turns that were meant to be. They just didn't make it on the board. A lot of them were pretty great!

A vision board seems to show two very distinct sides. It rarely shows the reality of what it takes to achieve some of these goals. The effort. The hard work. The tears. The failures. The Gray area. 

I was putting such high expectations on a picture perfect reality. I didn't credit myself for the hard work, off days, and sacrifices made. I didn’t account for the anxiety, the depression, and the time it sometimes took to get myself out of my own head. 

At the end of the day I was still the same person with or without the things on my board. That is where I need to focus. Right within. I am the vision board. YOU are the vision board. Ever Changing. It's already there in the minds eye when you go inward.  I don’t know where the battle of the mind is for you but, this year I'm ditching the board, letting the universe play out while I stay present for the ups, downs, and everything in between. Don’t worry I still have goals, they are pretty great. 

If vision boards are your jam, Awesome! 

If you want to be a rebel and Anti Board with me, Lets gather! 


Ana Kat

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