6 Best Crystals to Use for Meditation

6 Best Crystals to Use for Meditation


Meditating can be a powerful way to dive deeper into your own thoughts, clear your mind, and feel rejuvenated from the inside out. Adding crystals to the process can supercharge your manifestations and send you spiraling into deeper mindfulness.

Crystals are known for their healing energies, which is why they’re an essential part of meditation. They give you something to focus on so you can be more intentional with your thoughts. Their natural properties can help you achieve a higher state of consciousness, helping you get more from every session.

Which crystals should you add to your meditation collection? Here are a few of Ana Kat's favorites:


The rich purple hue of amethyst makes it one of the most commonly known stones by name. But its healing benefits aren’t as widely known as its color. It’s one of the most powerful healing crystals and has a calming effect on nerves, moods, and mindsets. This explains why it’s a common choice for those seeking better sleep quality. Use it to calm your anxious mind and gain clarity around your thoughts while you meditate.

Selenite aka Gypsum 

The bright, pure white of selenite feels like a direct connection to higher energy. It’s commonly used to bring your mind and body to a higher level of consciousness. It has an ethereal quality, one that’s ideal for cleansing negative thoughts and feelings and helping you feel at peace. This cleansing power can also help to remove blocks that are stifling your energy flow. By removing these blocks, you can let your intuition guide you and trust your gut instinct.

Black Tourmaline

Another must-have crystal for meditation, black tourmaline is the great protector against negative energies. When stress, anxiety, and negativity start clouding your thoughts, you can meditate with a black tourmaline crystal to absorb them and prevent them from returning.


Recognizable by its bright yellow hue, citrine is a common crystal that should be part of every crystal collection. Citrine is known as the stone of joy, so it’s common in attracting positive energy and generating happy thoughts. It’s also the stone of lightness (easy to remember given its sunny color), so use it to shake off heavy feelings and manifest optimism in your life.


Purplish-pink in color, lepidolite is a stone of peace. It’s helpful in easing anxiety and stress so you can stay calm even under the most overwhelming situations. Channel your worries directly into the stone and let peace take over.

Lapis Lazuli

Like the color of the ocean, lapis lazuli washes away toxic thoughts by connecting you to a higher level of spiritual growth. It’s the crystal of self-awareness, which is why it’s so powerful in deeper meditative states. Its blue hue is calming and cooling, allowing you to better process your thoughts and gain clarity of mind.

These are just a few of my favorites and I don't believe there is a right or wrong crystal. I hope you practice with a few of your favorites and let us know how your meditations shifted when using crystals!

Love, Ana Kat

Building Your Meditation Crystal Collection

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