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Welcome to Rock and Body Shop

Welcome to Rock and Body ShopWelcome to Rock and Body ShopWelcome to Rock and Body Shop

more than just a rock shop

We're different and we like that. Rock and Body Shop is a place for the entire family to enjoy.  The shop is located in the beautiful historic district of East De Pere, WI.  Walk in to find a vast selection of rocks and crystals from all over the world, each one hand selected and infused with Reiki Energy. Learn more about the many options for healing and protection through the natural world.  Take time to care for your own emotional and physical health.  We provide REIKI and several alternative options to help kids, teens, and adults work through difficult situations from grief and loss to major health conditions. 

Life can ask so much of us, It's not always positive. It's not always negative. We accept it all. 

Our Services


Reiki Energy Movement

Reiki is a gentle non invasive powerful technique used to restore natural balance and sense of well being in the body. Ana will intuitively guide you to a deep relaxed state while marrying the proper stones, crystals, frequencies, and FAR Infrared technology together for a deep energetic shift.  Reiki is not a magic bullet for treatment but rather a lifetime practice one can learn. Truly using her one of a kind modality Ana is highly recognized for her work. 



CBD Refresh

 Exclusive to Rock and Body Shop. Amplify your health. This session will combine Nano-CBD technology, Sound Frequency, Amethyst Stones, and FAR Infrared heat. You will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to vibrate at a higher level! Give your body a break and take it to the next level.


CBD Supplements and Consultations

  We care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. We are here to help you achieve optimal wellness by educating you on safe and reliable CBD supplements. 

Inquire within to learn more about our exciting NEW CBD Detox Session!  



Space Clearing

Feng Shui Re-Design

Space Clearing


Energy can be passed on from intense emotion and traumatic events into buildings and objects. Ana will intuitively connect and perform a physical clearing ceremony at your space to bring back a positive flow. 

Hire Ana Kat

Feng Shui Re-Design

Space Clearing


Hire Ana Kat for your next group class or corporate event. She will discuss options to tailor a unique experience. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest public events and REIKI Certification

Feng Shui Re-Design

Feng Shui Re-Design

Feng Shui Re-Design


Learn how spaces can dramatically impact physical energy and life events. Ana will visit your location to intuitively connect and offer guidance on de-cluttering, placement, and re design while finishing with a full Space Clearing Ceremony. Incorporates a modernized twist to the basic fundamentals of Feng Shui. Free Consultation.

Meet Ana Kat


Entrepreneur meets Reiki Master. Her goal is to provide alternative options that use the fundamental healing principles of mind-body-home connection.  

Often called the "Hidden Gypsy" She is gentle, kind, and uniquely intuitive.  She is not afraid of the dark and often encourages  one to embrace it. Love your weakness, come exactly as you are. She has a incredible ability to move energy through the body.  Uniquely viewing your physical living space with your body's energy.  A new way to shift.

 Empowering you with her  late  Dad's Words

 Patience ~ Kindness ~ 

~Never Give Up~


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